Best way of making an appointment is by e-mail. If you prefer to call, I can be reached between 12-16, during the consultation hours I do not pick up the phone. Consultation hours on weekdays are between 9 – 12 am and between  16:30- 21:30, on Saturdays between 9 – 17.

In case you cannot come, please, do cancel your appointment in time.

Kateřina Mononen
Phone number: 0443544443
Address: Hitsaajankatu 6, 00810 Helsinki

Ad Rem Counselling is situated app.200m from Herttoniemi metro station. Get out of the metro by the side exit, cross the highway, walk down to S-market and turn right. Walk app.100m. When you arrive, please give me a call and I will come to pick you up from the main door.